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This is short notice for those who might not know yet.

Some of my stories are posted here but the main directory is at my fanfic community so please go there and I would be glad if you also join ne~~~ xD

Why did I put a name like that for my fanfic community? Because simply fanfics are my dreams, my fantasies, daydreams, whatever you wish to call them xD It's my dreamland and I welcome every single reader of mine to join ^^


[meme] Korean actors/singers I like [day 1]


I decided to do this kinda like meme so I fill my journal a bit :) As I'm a bit into koreans lately *kick head haha* I said I should do one person a day. I assume it will be 10 days so bear with me haha

So for first day I was really torn... Who should I start with? Honestly I still dunno if my choice is okay but I should start with the youngest? *goes to check if her calculations are right* And I was right, today let's talk about ...
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