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04 March 2012 @ 12:04 am
This is short notice for those who might not know yet.

Some of my stories are posted here but the main directory is at my fanfic community so please go there and I would be glad if you also join ne~~~ xD

Why did I put a name like that for my fanfic community? Because simply fanfics are my dreams, my fantasies, daydreams, whatever you wish to call them xD It's my dreamland and I welcome every single reader of mine to join ^^

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24 September 2020 @ 05:49 pm
Well I noticed that I didn't do a proper introduction post ne... and I recieve friend request recently so I decided I need to make this post in order to say some stuff about me and my journal (some informations are by the way on the sidebar for now...).

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18 January 2015 @ 08:30 am
Here I am again with slight update of mine :) Those that I am more in touch with, know why I'm a little bit absent in fandom, my stories or just simply: life :P

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25 August 2014 @ 07:44 am
Why do I get the feeling these days that I am being left behind...
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Also to those who wait and wonder: I'm really stuck with my fic Fateful curse...
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15 September 2013 @ 10:21 am

Everyone~~ happy Arashi anniversary ^^
Another year has passed, the party was great yesterday with around 4 hours of Arashi music xD Yep I was there at the radio as well ^^

Let's march to a new year with our boys ne~~ ^^
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14 September 2013 @ 09:53 am

Sukie, happy birthday~~~

-- Credit Ceci for his picture and owner of the background (I kinda forgot where I got it long time ago...)
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After a while am back to this meme and I make an order already of all guys so I don't feel troubled who to use next xD

So for today our guest is...

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Here I am with second day (yes it's not each day meme but when I find time and motivation xD)

For today's guest I put all names on pieces of paper and chose one and I'll do it this way from now on as well, it seems more fair xDDD

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I decided to do this kinda like meme so I fill my journal a bit :) As I'm a bit into koreans lately *kick head haha* I said I should do one person a day. I assume it will be 10 days so bear with me haha

So for first day I was really torn... Who should I start with? Honestly I still dunno if my choice is okay but I should start with the youngest? *goes to check if her calculations are right* And I was right, today let's talk about ...
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I haven't written in my personal LJ in a while right? Well usually I don't have much to talk about but today I feel like I have to release my thoughts and ask for opinion if anyone thinks of a better way or sth. What is this about? Haha my master thesis on fanfiction and communication circuit of books (Darnton)...

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